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Manuel Tovar 6

Set of 3 office buildings located in Madrid in the future extension of the Castellana axis beyond the M-30. This unique architectural project has 3 independent buildings around a central courtyard sharing access and parking area in the basement. Located north of Madrid, just 2.5 km from Plaza Castilla, in the P.I. of Fuencarral, a consolidated business area with significant improvement potential due to the execution of the Castellana axis extension project and the remodeling of Chamartín Station. This project will enhance the centrality of Madrid by extending the historic axis of Castellana, the city's main road to the north, creating a new area for commercial and institutional uses.

Icono Edificio.png

Above ground area

12,293 sqm

icono plantas.png

5 Above ground floors

icono plano planta.jpg

Standard floor area

1.275 sqm

Icono coche.png

224 Parking units

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