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Investing in the future

Exclusive properties that make up an extraordinary portfolio


Gross Asset Value
(million € Q1 2021)


Yearly Gross Rent
(million € Q1 2021)


Lease Term
(WAULT Q1 2021)


Occupancy rate
(Average 2021)
The Company

Metropolis is a business group that focuses its activity on the real estate investment markets. Created in 1992 as an investment vehicle, its shareholders share from the beginning a long-term investment strategy, which is of a calm and diversified nature, whose vocation pursues the generation of an attractive recurring dividend and the creation of value in the medium and long term.


The group, which today mainly concentrates its activity in the field of offices, is distinguished by its assets, carefully selected to form a diversified internationally balanced high quality portfolio.


In more than 25 years of history, Metrópolis has had an active and prominent presence in the markets of the main European capitals, participating in real estate projects of different types, sizes and types, as well as investing in leased quality assets.


Our mission is to invest in real estate assets to generate, through an active, specialized and very close management, an attractive recurring profitability and create long-term value for our shareholders.


We are a leading investment group in the office markets of the main European cities, distinguished by its high professionalism and expertise as well as by a direct and flexible approach to the real estate business.

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